Decentraland Game Jam

September 16-30 Watch video

Submit your most creative interactive scenes and win a share of 2,500,000 MANA + 200 LANDs (equivalent to approx $275,000+ USD in prizes).
Don't miss out on two weeks of trailblazing creation!

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What is the Decentraland Game Jam?

It's a global, two-week online competition to create awesome interactive content that will form part of Decentraland - a virtual world owned by its users.

350,000 MANA

(~21,000 USD) + LAND

200,000 MANA

(~12,000 USD) + LAND

100,000 MANA

(~6,000 USD) + LAND

50,000 MANA

(~3,000 USD) + LAND

25,000 MANA

(~1,500 USD) + LAND

1,000 MANA

(~60 USD) + LAND per qualifying scene

Rewards above 50,000 MANA are subject to an irrevocable six-month vesting schedule.

Your creations, live on Decentraland

What can i build?

Whatever your imagination allows! Create all kinds of interactive content, from a multiplayer game or interactive art installation to a virtual shop.

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Whats new?

Introducing SDK 6.3

The Decentraland SDK is based on TypeScript (JavaScript with type checking), featuring development patterns that are common among game development platforms. SDK 6.3 version will support collision events, player movement, a polished HUD interface and more.

Read the Docs

An integrated art pipeline

SDK + Builder

We recommend using the Builder, Decentraland's visual editor, as a starting point for your art pipeline. Import and position pre-made, pre-loaded custom 3D models. Export the scene to dive into the code and make it fun!

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Game Jam Judges

Meet the Decentraland Game Jam creative adjudicators.

Key Game Jam info

What is Decentraland?

Decentraland is a decentralized virtual world powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The finite 3D virtual space is divided into parcels called LAND. Each plot of LAND is permanently owned by a member of the community, giving the owner full control over what they create and display in that location. As players explore the virtual world, the content uploaded to Decentraland is rendered on its corresponding land parcel.

Key dates

The game jam will begin on September the 16th, and last two weeks. Winners will be announced one week after the end of the game jam.

I'm a game developer, but I don’t know much about blockchain.

You don’t need to go down the blockchain rabbit hole to build a scene. Just know that the 3D scene you build will be tied to one or several tokens on the blockchain, which represent parcels of LAND. You’re also encouraged to explore different ways in which the code of your scene can interact with other data on the blockchain, but it is not a requirement.

Do I need to own LAND to build something?

Nope! Anyone can participate in the Game Jam. If you create something great, our team or other landowners will be able to upload your scene into the world. Also, 200 LANDs will be given out as rewards to the top participants.

Do I have to share my scene’s source code publicly to participate?

You can simply share an interactive preview of your working scene, built using the Decentraland SDK.